onsdag 23. oktober 2013

Conduct strategic partner roundup

This autumn has been an exciting and busy time for Conduct. Not only have we spent a lot of time getting our new website launched, but we have also had many great projects with our customers. Through this, our own strategic thinking has been exposed more to the market, and we embrace the valuable interaction we have with our ecosystem.

An important part of what we do involves partners, and we have been active participants at their partner summits this year as well, sharing ideas, feedback, presenting cases and opportunities, finding inspiration and new ways to apply exciting new innovations to our customers' challenges.

The Red Hat Partner Summit 2013 was in Madrid, Spain this year. The event was great, with lots of good content. Conduct was proud to be one of the presenters - this time showing the partner opportunities within Standardized Operating Environments (SOE). Being invited to no less than three - 3 - roundtable discussions was a great honor for us and we choose to see this as an acknowledgement of both our history together with Red Hat and our strategic thinking going forward.

Takeaway from department lead Eirik Valen.
This years' Red Hat Partner Summit highlighted the three main axis of Red Hat: Datacenter Infrastructure, Enterprise Middleware Solutions and Cloud Infrastructure. This is a great fit with what we provide to the market: the necessary services and solutions to make sure you get the inherent value present in the innovations in these areas. This gives us great confidence that we are very much aligned with what the industry-leading innovators are targeting for the future. This positioning is ultimately what gives our customers faith in us as solution partners.

Just the next day after the Red Hat Summit the Pentaho Partner Summit (and following Community meetup) took place in Sintra, Portugal. In a wonderfully scenic town there were great talks on both sales/marketing and product/technical. The dinner took place in a castle restaurant which was almost something out of a hollywood movie. Amazing.

Department lead Lars Johansson sums it up:

Getting to meet other partners and sharing our thoughts on execution with them and Pentaho executives is always valueable. I'm also impressed with the level of comittment everyone is showing in making Pentaho a true contender in this space.
With the new Pentaho 5.0 platform and the impressive work from Webdetails with "sparkl" I truly believe we will see a lot more innovative BI-solutions and tools emerge. The strategic focus on Big Data paired with our flexible Data Integration platform are also showing impressive results.

Following this on almost the other side of the world the Atlassian Summit took place in always wonderful San Fransisco, USA.

As solution expert Jon-Erik Trøften would say it:
The Atlassian Summit is important to us because we want to get both our own and our customers' teams collaborating even better. The vision Atlassian has of helping teams work smarter and create better software together really resonates with Conducts own goals, and allows us to shift focus from issue management to real project management and enterprise collaboration. We are looking forward to continuing and strengthening our focus on changing the way people collaborate to reach their goals.…and what better way to do that than by leveraging the innovations in the Atlassian portfolio.

An hour's drive from Paris, France the ForgeRock Summit took plance at a huge castle in Behoust. Unbelievably pretty and with excellent food and a great party. These rockstars are hard to keep up with. Great networking with partners and awesome introductions to new and existing key players in the ForgeRock field.

Like department lead Jonas Olsson says:
The ForgeRock Summit brought innovative heads together and gave us valuable insight into where the technology is headed. The Internet of Things and Internet Relationship Management (IRM) are just some of the exciting things to address. Conduct demonstrated our commitment by showing up with no less than 7 participants, which was recognized by both executives and other partners. Being ushered by a key executive into a room with another ForgeRock partner and a bottle of wine to share experiences gave us great insight and fun, and also demonstrated the roots of this company.

So what does all this mean? What comes out of these interactions, presentations, trainings, networking etc?

We process all this information as best as we can, use it to fuel our own innovation, discuss new opportunities with new and potential customers, and attempt to find ways to realize the value of open and innovative IT solutions. Plus, its kinda fun.

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